The client at the centreof the architectural project

The conception of customized and flexible solutions, suitable for every type of need, is the basis of our understanding of a precise collaboration with our customers.

The modularity of the solutions developed by our technical team allows us to obtain original projects, positioning and at the same time optimized for re-presentation in any subsequent fair editions.

The customer is placed at the center of the architectural project, for which targeted research is carried out on innovative materials and technological solutions, paying great attention to detail and at the same time to budget needs.

With the same attention our project managers follow the organization, logistics and perfect execution of the bureaucratic practices at the fair, with an experience consolidated in over 15 years of experience, in Italy and abroad.

In Europe and other emerging markets, the interaction with selected and reliable partners is continuous, allowing the development and management of any design request.

Our Portfolios

Visit our portfolios organized by sector of intervention and contact us without obligation to evaluate together the best solution to your private needs or those of your company.

Local quality, global experience

Our quality is local, with the sense of responsibility and attention that lies in feeling part of an environmental context rich in beauty, landscape, art, construction, architecture such as Italy.

Equally, our experience is global, thanks to clients who wanted to establish themselves in the world with their companies and to important projects with an international scope.

On these bases we believe that the architectural project, with its ergonomics, shapes, materials, chromatic combinations, cannot ignore the first requirement that a brand has when it presents itself to its public, Communication.