Disability rhymes with difficulty.

This has always been my point of view and difficulties are seen as obstacles / barriers to keep out of everyday life.

Have you ever tried walking on crutches at home or crossing a public space because of a temporary injury? How much effort and how many difficulties you have to face to do the most common things.

Now imagine being alone, with a permanent disability and having to live today’s society in daily actions. A huge effort but mostly a bad compromise that leads you to constantly help yourself and make you feel disturbed for others and for yourself.

A constant pain in your way of being, in a society where everything is thought built for PERFECT PEOPLE, because in the imaginary and virtual the non-beauty clashes.

Now imagine instead of living in a space accessible to everyone, where everyone can live easily without fatigue with their disabilities and, more importantly without being helped by anyone.

From this reflection the concept of space designed by Vitali Architettura has changed, the accessories that compose it have changed, the paths to access the spaces have changed, the technology has been implemented and developed in order to be complementary and ergonomic and easy to use.

The home concept has changed in such a way as to be versatile with small modifications to meet the disabilities that a person can have.

It has not been easy to reinvent the space since disabilities are different (mobility blindness deafness delays in learning ..) and lead domestic accidents to always be on the prowl.

Have you ever thought of living in a house without “edges”?

Have you ever thought about living in a house that adapts to time and to the changing family needs? Yes to change because the family is born, grows and changes according to the vicissitudes of life.

The strong and vigorous parents who have been your point of reference during childhood and adolescence, today need to be looked after, so the purchase of the family home should provide the possibility of being easily divisible, but also easily reunited.

During my working career I found myself designing luxury villas and having customers who demanded the maximum for the choice of finishes, materials and furnishings without paying attention to the correct division of the rooms. The same villas today with the construction crisis and the devaluation of properties have remained unsold.

The architect has the difficult task of predicting the future with a keen eye on past vicissitudes. In front of a blank sheet, each line that he traces is a commitment to work to improve people’s lives.

Vitali Architettura is studying a HOME WITHOUT CORNERS project, where the word edge indicates that we want to mitigate daily difficulties and make everyone’s life easier.

The commitment of my studio is to bring the project to the Salone del Mobile in 2021 and build the house without edges inside the Milanese fair pavilion. We have already found adhesions from companies interested in the project but the commitment is a lot and we need help.


 Thanks so much Arch. Anna Vitali