The social world and the one of architecture today can finally say that they are part of the same sphere. In 2016, a famous Chilean architect introduced the concept of “social architecture”, putting his work on line so that it could be accessible to everyone, without time limits. The aim is, and I quote: “(…) to reduce costs, and so the communities will be able to see the results obtained and the improvements that these architectures have already produced in other situations”.
I introduce myself, I am Caterina Trinci, and today I can define myself as a novice Social Media Manager. My great love for technology has led me to be interested in experiencing
this new reality always faster, more changeable and chaotic. I soon learned that anyone can tell about himself or his best part, the rest of the world, without restraints. And it was
precisely this that fascinated me, so I asked myself: “What can social networks give me?”, And also, “What can I give them?” Although there are still no real answers to these questions, I can certainly say that I took a big step forward with Vitali Architettura.
Except for the usual surfing on the net with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I had never before ventured into the corporate sphere of these social networks and this is where I found
my stimulus. I discovered a new reality, made up of people driven entirely by their passions. Thanks to them and above all thanks to the trust and the help of Anna Vitali, I have
embarked on a unique experience.
In particular, the world of design, architecture and art have allowed me to see things in a totally different way. Now I look around for a kind of beauty that I could not first perceive and of this, I will always be grateful. Of course, it is still a work but the different nuances of the projects, the photos and even the stories that characterize them, make this my job very fun and constantly urge my curiosity.
Most of all, I found profound harmony in the accomplishments of Anna and her team. They work a bit everywhere and when they send me their creations by email I am always stunned. I often wonder how can someone create something so stunning from zero but then I remember that it is all about great professionals in the field and this that explains a lot.
I was really impressed by the projects with China and Russia, they are breathtaking and I do not deny that I would like to leave with Anna to see and touch these works (because then they are true art).
I conclude by saying that in this design studio I found a family with great strength and that everyone works hard to give the best of himself. Surely I have drawn only good and I hope to work with them for a long time because the style and also the solidity of the relationships are their workhorse.